Anodized Washer for LAN & Pineapple

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Anodized Washer for LAN & Pineapple

This anodized washer will bring unique vibrant color to your Reylight LAN and Pineapple.

Just unscrewed the tail cap and use the washer to replace the pocket clip.



Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Pink, Golden, Purple

3 reviews for Anodized Washer for LAN & Pineapple

  1. DesertLumens (verified owner)

    I got the dark blue. Very beautiful and it’s nice to have options. I love the fact that Rey made these and kept them cheap. That way you can order many colors and not break the bank. Thank you again Rey! Jason~Desert Lumens

  2. Brian

    I have the dark blue and also the blue one. They are both wonderful. Opposite than my normal persona, I liked the blue since it is a brighter color. Even though what I originally wanted was a more black look, which definitely The dark blue hits that mark.

    It works great to fill the gap on the pineapple and Lan when not using the clip. I didn’t want such a cool item sit inside a drawer so when using the clip I place the spacer at the head/body junction. It gives some color, fits perfectly and does not interfere with the function of the light. I highly recommend them for the Lan and Pineapple.

  3. Garrett (verified owner)

    Love love love this light!!
    I also decided to keep the clip and put my green Ti washer between the head and body for a cooler look. The trit is set perfectly and it even cam ewith a little emery block to sand off the coating from the brass if i so choose to try to distress/patina the body. I will definitely be ordering myself a LAN with as many trits as i can afford!! Thank you Rey, your craftsmanship and attention to details are second to none.

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