Reylight Gemini I 2000 Lumen Premium EDC Flashlight


Premium 2000 lumen 18350 EDC flashlight, full  304 stainless steel construction.

Reylight Gemini I 18350 Stainless Steel Premium EDC Flashlight


  • Gemini I 304 Stainless Steel Custom Flashlight.
  • Output: Triple XPL LED 2000 Lumen, 6000K, Cool White. In Turbo Mode it is 3000 Lumen.
  • Output: Triple SST20 LED 1500 Lumen, 4000K, Warm White. In Turbo Mode it is 2000 Lumen.
  • Modified ToyKeeper’s “Bistro” firmware. 23! Mode!
  • Battery: 18350
  • Finish: machine finish.
  • Material: full Austenitic 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Clicky: rubber FORWARD clicky.
  • Lens: sapphire Lens.
  • Weight: 138 g, 4.8 oz.
  • Length: 97mm, 3.8 inch.
  • Diameter: 23mm, 0.9 inch.
  • Thread wall thickness: 1.5mm.
  • Head wall thickness: 2.4mm.
  • Overall wall thickness: 2.0mm.
  • The standard version comes with silicon-based glow in the dark gasket (green or blue, randomly assigned).
  • Alternatively, you can upgrade to Ice-blue TurboGlow Gasket for 15$.

While off:

– Tap and hold to turn the light monentary on.  Release, tap and hold again to next mode, repeat to cycle.

While on:

– Full click to turn it on constantly.

If you have questions about how to further explore the mode, please go to my Facebook Group: Reylight.


Machine XPL (US warehouse)


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