new tailcap for pineapple mini

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The tailcap only.


Ti raw, Ti stonewashed

4 reviews for new tailcap for pineapple mini

  1. Frank

    Perfect addition to the original pineapple mini. It not only looks fantastic, but it really does a great job of keeping you from accidentally turning on the mini in your pocket.

  2. Al

    Pineapple mini is now dialled in completely, well thought out design thanks again!

  3. ALH

    Looks good but really fixed my 1 major gripe, the half press instability. This tailcap gives your thumb stability which greatly improves half press accuracy. Also, now it can tail stand! True perfection…

  4. Robert Frederick (verified owner)

    In addition to helping avoid accidentally turning on your pineapple mini while in your pocket or bag, this new tailcap also allows you to stand the flashlight up which wasn’t possible on the original design.

    And it looks cool too!

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