ReyLight Pineapple mini Penlight double aaa battery, 10880 battery Nichia 519A

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Nichia 519A 4000K LED. Light comes with a rechargeable and protected Li-ion 10880 battery.  The battery has an Micro-USB charging port.

You can also use double AAA battery.  Both Alkaline and Ni-MH are ok.

You can also use a normal 10440 protected battery plus a dummy AAA cell.    Please Do NOT use double 10440.

NOTE: Please do not use the 10900 battery in the market, it will be too long and leave a gap between head and body.

In order to make the light compatible with more batteries, I have to give up the low voltage protection. Because double AAA battery 3V is the trigger of LVP for Li-ion.

Luckily the included 10880 battery itself has protection,  and normal AAA batteries don’t need protection at all.

You can use either 1a or 2a usb adaptor, and a micro usb cable to charge it.  When charging, it has red light,  when fully charged,  it will turn to  blue.  It usually takes 3 hrs from empty to full charging.

Max 500 lumens.

If you need the new tailcap, pls click here to add to cart.    The recessed design makes the light tailstand, and less chance for accident turning on in pocket.  However, it might make the button switch a little more diffcult to click.

If you need the Timascus button, pls click here to add to cart.

The light comes with a Ti washer,  if you don’t want the clip at all,  use it instead.

Size: 134.2mm length (including the switch button)   diameter: 15mm


Reylight Mini Pineapple Programming Guide


1. (Full click to) Turn on the light.

2. Half click the button 8+ times. The light will now blink once, then strobe, blink twice, then strobe, blink three times, then strobe…After 5 blinks and a strobe, the sequence repeats.

a. 1 blink: mode group selection. Half click the button to enter this menu.

i. 1 blink: (ML)-2%-20%-100%

ii. 2nd blink: (ML)-10%-40%-100%

iii. 3rd blink: (ML)-2%-10%-50%

iv. 4th blink: (ML)-50%-100%-strobe-SOS

It then repeats. Half click the button during any blink to select that mode group.

b. 2 blinks: mode memory on-off toggle (default off). Half click the button during the two blinks or during the strobe after to turn mode memory on. Repeat to turn mode memory off.

c. 3 blinks: moonlight mode off-on toggle (default on). Half click the button during the three blinks or during the strobe after to turn moonlight off. Repeat to turn moonlight on.

d. 4 blinks: mode order toggle (default LMH). Half click the button during the four blinks or during the strobe after to change the mode order from Low Medium High to High Medium Low. Repeat to reverse the order.

e. 5 blinks: factory reset. Half click the button during the five blinks or during the strobe after to reset the light to factory settings.

Shorcut: quick double tap to turbo.



Ti-stonewash-frag, Ti-stonewash-ribbed, Ti-beadbaslted-frag, Ti-raw-frag, Ti-raw-ribbed, Leather bag

2 reviews for ReyLight Pineapple mini Penlight double aaa battery, 10880 battery Nichia 519A

  1. Bruno Ruba (verified owner)

    Really impressed with this light so far. Was on the fence for the original mini due to the low output, this has been addressed with the new emitter and it is now very bright! The single AAA mini is out of stock so I went with this to be different as I currently didn’t own a pen style light before this one. I don’t regret it! The ergonomics are great and the tint of the light is perfection, it’s like a ray of sunlight! The build and design is very nice and matches my CRK. Shipping to Canada was quick and priced well. Thanks Rey!

  2. Tryg K (verified owner)

    100% hits all the measures I have for my EDC light. Great UI, tail switch, bright, light, tough, and a pen light. I have a regular Pineapple Mini but always wanted penlight version. I also added the new tailcap which makes it so much more refined.

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