ReyLight copper pineapple mini, AAA/10440 flashlight, Nichia 219B 4500K R9080 high CRI LED



Made of solid copper bar.

Using single AAA battery, max 110 lumens, or 10440 Li-ion battery, max 300 lumens.     Flat top, UNPROTECTED 10440 battery suggested.  Some button top could also work, but some brands make the button to long, might cause a problem.

When you place the order, there is a battery option.  Please NOTE, due to shipping policy, battery can be only shipped when it is inserted in the flashlight.

ONLY these countries available. USA, Russia, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, UK, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil.

There is one tritium slot at the tail switch, 1.5*6mm size.  Click here to add the tritium.


Size: 89mm length (including the switch button)   diameter: 15mm

Weight: 52 grams


The driver has: Battery reverse protection.  High temperature protection. Low voltage protection.

Reverse clicky switch. Full click to turn on or off, half click (tap) to cycle modes.

Program: When the light is on, quickly half click 8+ times.
1. Select different modes groups. (1-4 groups)
2. Turn on or off memory function. (Default is off)
3. Turn off or on moonlight mode. (Default is on)
4. Mode order. L-M-H → H-M-L (ascending or descending)
5. Reset.

Shortcuts: Quick double clicks = turbo

Modes groups #1-4.
1. moon-2-20-100%
2. moon-10-40-100%
3. moon-2-10-50%
4. moon-50-100%-strobe-SOS

Battery ?

Light only, Light with 10440 battery


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