ReyLight Mokume LAN (Limited Edition)


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One of a kind Mokume LAN.  Each one of these Mokume-Gane LAN is made from a single solid Mokume Billet. It has 10 tritium slots.

Output (AA battery)

  • Moonlight mode: 0.2 lumens, 30 days
  • Low mode: 3.2 lumens, 70 hrs
  • Mid mode: 30 lumens, 5 hrs
  • High mode: 130 lumens, 1.1hrs

Output (14500 battery)

  • Moonlight mode: 0.2 lumens, 20 days
  • Low mode: 8.5 lumens, 31 hrs
  • Mid mode: 90 lumens, 2.5 hrs
  • High mode: 470 lumens, 58 mins

Easy operation:

  • Click to turn on, tap to cycle modes.
  • Click again to turn off.
  • Starts at moon everytime by default. 8 quick taps will activate the memory function.
  • It will remember the last used mode. Another 8 taps will turn off the memory.

If you want to buy 14500 battery, please use the following link:

Reylight 14500 Rechargeable Protected Battery


Brief History of Mokume Gane



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