Reylight Pineapple Copper Limited Edition

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  • Material: Solid Copper
  • LED: 4000K Nichia 219C high CRI (Color Rendering Index)
  • LED: 6000K XPL
  • Reverse polarity protection LVP (low voltage protection) for Li-ion battery
  • Temperature control to avoid overheating problems
  • Anti-reflective coated lens
  • Aluminum alloy orange peel reflector
  • Easy clicky switch operation
  • Tail-stand capability Pocket clip Dimensions: 3.8 x 0.8 in (9.8 x 2.1 cm)
  • Weight: 3.3 oz (93 g) without battery
  • Spare O-rings 1 tritium slot (optional)

If you want to buy 14500 battery, please use the following link, we have 14500 battery:

Reylight 14500 Rechargeable Protected Battery


Output-AA battery
Moonlight mode: 0.2 lumens, 30 days
Low mode: 3.2 lumens, 70 hrs
Mid mode: 30 lumens, 5 hrs
High mode: 130 lumens, 1.1hrs
Moonlight mode: 0.3 lumens
Low mode: 5 lumens, 70 hrs
Mid mode: 34 lumens, 5 hrs
High mode: 220 lumens, 1.1hrs

Output-14500 battery
Moonlight mode: 0.2 lumens, 20 days
Low mode: 8.5 lumens, 31 hrs
Mid mode: 90 lumens, 2.5 hrs
High mode: 470 lumens, 58 mins*
Moonlight mode: 0.3 lumens, 20 days
Low mode: 16 lumens, 31 hrs
Mid mode: 187 lumens, 2.5 hrs
High mode: 800 lumens, 58 mins*
*Exact Runtime Depends on Battery and Ambient Temperature

With a hefty 3.3-ounce body made from solid brass, this ReyLight Pineapple flashlight makes itself known in the hand.
Grooves around the midsection make for a secure hold in slippery conditions.
Easy operation:
Click to turn on, tap to cycle modes. Click again to turn off. Starts at moon everytime by default. 8 quick taps will activate the memory function. It will remember the last used mode. Another 8 taps will turn off the memory.

2 reviews for Reylight Pineapple Copper Limited Edition

  1. Brian

    Reylight is top notch in my book.

    The machining quality, the materials used , its fit and finish could not be finer. The design is extremely well thought out. No details were overlooked. The LIMITED COPPER PINEAPPLE feels great in my hand. It’s has great heft, very well balanced and it’s a pleasure to hold.

    -The UI is easy and straight forward. I like having the mode memory as optional (9 taps for mine) I think that option is very smart. Sometimes I may want it on and sometimes Not, having it default to MOON mode can be useful at times. I like having the option

    -The button is recessed enough to not worry about accidental turn on. It’s throw is med which again is good. But tight enough it has great response to light taps to change the modes without any effort. The button has Minimal movement as well. (Read this was a issue previously,) Rey Ye listens, fixes any problems and creates a solution going forward to not have it again. What a great company, very rare to see.
    – The brightness levels are well spaced out. I really like that it has a true MOON mode of .2 lumen then LOW /MED/HIGH. size Is perfect for everyday carry. This Is a flashlight that you will be proud to own.

    I try to support small companies. It’s not always easy to find a good one because they usually come with a high price point and they can be inconsistent in quality. A big one is if problems arise, no worries with ReyLight. Rey Ye ‘Rey” has the best customer service I have seen in a long time. He really stands behind his product makes it right without hassles. I’m so happy I found Reylight. I will be a customer for life will buy some for my friends and family. I can’t give a higher recommendation! Stop looking and buy from the best…Reylight

    • Yeu Don

      Hi, Brian. Thank you so much for the heartwarming review. Rey and I always try our best to provide the best customer service that we can. We are both humbled and honored to have you as our customers. As a two men shop, your support are quintessential to us; to us, you are not only our customer, and more importantly, you are our friend. We wish we can build a better and brighter EDC community with you. Yours sincerely, Yeu.

  2. DesertLumens (verified owner)

    This light is amazing! I’ve always wanted this light. Brass is nice but I’m a copper man. When I saw this in copper my eyes bulged! I had to have it. Light is beautiful. The tint is perfect. I’m a warm white/neutral white lover. Rey did everything right with this light. Another stellar light brother! Jason~Desert Lumens

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