Custom Chris Reeve Sebenza 21 Scale



Chris Reeve Sebenza needs no introduction, it’s one of the smoothest production knife on the market.

You may wonderer what is the magic under CRK’s appearance. With these matte ballistic polycarbonate or clear acrylic scale, you can see how your Sebenza works.

I got the scales for both Large and Small Sebenza 21, when you are checking out in PayPal, please let me know your configuration.


Between the two materials:

Acrylic is harder than polycarbonate, it is more resistant against evenly-distributed loads then polycarbonate, but it’s slightly more brittle than the latter.While it’s less impact-resistant than polycarbonate, yet still 10-24 times more resistant than float glass. Polycarbonate is more resilisent and bendable than acrylic, but it’s slightly softer. However, polycarbonate’s impact/chip resistance is about 30 times more resistant than glass.


Size and Material

Large Matte Polycarbonate, Large Clear Acrylic, Small Matte Polycarbonate, Small Clear Acrylic


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